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"Are there some people search white pages that are worth paying for? I know they are quite inexpensive and some maybe don't cost anything, but I don't want to waste my time.

I need to as soon as possible find my sister Kia and my two nieces Sarah and Lauren. Because I get married next month! I want to invite them to the wedding. They also need to come to the name giving ceremony of their fifth cousin Harry. They have not even met him yet. Kia is my only sibling and those girls are my only nieces and our extended family is so small that it would be a shame not to find them.

Girls, it's been a while! What have you been up to? Where do you live now? Get in touch! Your aunt and sister Myra Anderson"

Myra, I understand that you want to find them before the wedding. And yes, a white pages website is something you should be looking for. After all those kind of sites focuses only on people while the yellow pages focuses on businesses.

I know about one site where everything is free as long as they have some records in their system of people who go by the first name and surname you are searching for.

If this people search white pages website doesn't find any of the names, there will be an ad to another people finder and there a search will cost you a little.

Here is that people search white pages website, it is the Anywho people search and you find it at

Carroll County People Finder Question

My friend Ellen Garcia left our small town last year. Non of us have ever been living somewhere else and we both love the place we live at, so it was really a surprise that she left.

She was going to do some volunteer work somewhere in Carroll county which is a few hours from here, but I don't know exactly where. I also don't know why she has not been keeping in touch, but I have heard rumors that she has met someone, so that might be why. I have asked friends but can't seem to find out her contact details. Could I use white pages to get her address? Mason

Mason, you sure can. White pages people search  websites are great for getting peoples addresses.

Minnesota People Finder Question

I need a website that can locate people in Minnesota because my dad and his family, my step brothers, half sister and my nephew live there, or so I'm told. Finding their emails would be amazing too. Thanks, Alice

Hi! You can use any US people search website to find your brothers. On the following page there are some suggestions. Thanks for writing, Alice!

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