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Question: What kind of people search websites should I use to find my old classmate? Her name is Anne Walsh, from Oregon. Haven't met her since 1989!

We have some common friends that I also don't know anything about anymore. It's too bad we don't know each other anymore, we always did so much, shopping, squash, bowling, swimming, went to parties...

Answer: There are various kinds of websites to use that could help in this case. The internet works wonders in finding people, so yes, it is a good idea to use these websites when looking for someone. I always do.

So what kind of websites are there that deal with lost people?


Well, some people search websites help you find ancestors, and could be used if you are interested in finding relatives you never knew you had. For example, your father or mother's cousin or maybe an uncle. It happens that we lose touch, right? You know you have a lot of relatives somewhere.. not sure where - but you might soon find out and maybe even meet them!


Other sites provide you with a search function that can find a person, like the one I discuss here.

They are the most common ones. Called people finders. On sites like that you can find some interesting things, like old and new addresses, workplaces, birthdays... but also for example criminal records. It usually costs something to do this. And not always will there be something on everyone.

Here is another example of a good people locator.

Another possibility that you see sometimes is a combination of an ancestor and person search.


And then the third type of people finder websites will help you in yet another way. Like this one you are on right now! I give you a place where you can post about your lost friend for free.

When people search websites can't help...

Looking for Jacob
Hi! Last week I went shopping in downtown St.Louis in the US where I live. I'm from France originally but have been here for three years already. It was hard for me to carry all the bags and someone called Jacob helped me.

We talked a lot during the short walk to my home, but not too much personal stuff. He did say that he lives close by too, (I hope that could help me find him?).

When he left I just had this feeling that I want to know more about him. I should have asked him some more, where he works, if he is single ha ha! I felt like running in the direction he had walked, to see if I could still find him but I didn't dare to do that in the end, I thought he might think I'm strange if I do that.

I really would like to know who he was. If you happen to know a man in St.Louis called Jacob with short brown hair, tall, wears glasses, please let the owner of this site know and she'll tell me!!

- Marina Sartre

George and Miss Jam...

Where could you two be hiding?
I had someone called George in my flat, he rented a room, when I was living in West Harlem. He had an obese cat named Miss Jam :) I loved them both!

They later moved to Bush Gardens I think, but I'm not 100% sure.

He was half Greek, a very cool guy, a bridal designer.

Anyone know him?

He was a pretty large man, black hair (but almost bald) and round glasses.

I've been asking everyone I know if they remember him or know where he works.

So far nothing.

People search websites can't help in this case cuz all I remember is that his name was George Ka.. something... so instead I need to count on you who read this to help me locate him!

A Greek wedding dress designer in NYC, how many of them could there be? :)

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