Rick Thwaites, Ismael Abreu, Issaka Alassani, friends

by T Camillrri, David Hites-Clabaugh, David Bridgetown, Athilia Adams
(Australia, US, UK)

Mr. Camillrri is looking for Rick Thwaites who lives in the Philippines.

David Hites-Clabaugh is trying to find friends in Portugual and the Azores.

David Bridgetown needs to find Ismael Abreu living somewhere in Feltham Slough in the UK

I'm looking for Issaka Alassani, 7/17/71, Togo. I have a 11 year old daughter who needs him, please contact me: 7188028812

If you can help, please let us know!

Looking for someone can be a heartbreaking adventure, but once you find some clues that lead to the lost one all your efforts were worth it!

There are times when you need to turn to the police, like when someone does not come home from a hiking trip or something similar.

Dogs are by the way very good to use when someone is lost in nature, for example in a forest. Organisations that look for missing individuals use them a lot. When they are properly trained they can find human beings with their sense of smell.

In our city there was one man who never came home from a fishing trip, his son was 18 by then.

Now many years later they still did not find him.

The police gave up only a few weeks after it happened! Some volunteers that knew how to find lost people in water took over. They are good divers, but there was no sign of him and still isn't today. Sometimes there are mysteries like this.

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