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Hello! My mom told me that her granddad's brother Ferdinand Granholm emigrated to America in the early 20th century. But we know nothing about what happened to him.

My great grandfather Arthur, moved there (to NY) for a while too but came back to Europe a few years later. Before he left he borrowed (or gave) a quite large amount of money to Ferdinand for his studies.

When Arthur and his wife wrote letters to Ferdinand he never replied. They had no other way of contacting him so they lost touch. Maybe Ferdinand was afraid that they would ask him to pay back the money, or then he just didnt live at that address anymore.

My mom said that this brother of my great granddad should be in the Ellis Island register, so maybe we can find more information on him there.

It would be interesting to find out how his life in America turned out and if he later had a family.

Thank you for your question!

Yes, you can find information in the Ellis Island name register Im sure, but you could also give the US people search Inteligator a try.

That website might even be able to take some info from the Ellis name or ship register and combine it with some other information on your great uncle and his possible children and grandchildren!

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And here is a question for all of you:

Is there someone you would almost give anything for a chance to meet again?

Here are a few answers I have gotten from you, straight to my email (guys, feel free to also use the comment function below).

"If I could choose one person from my past to reconnect with, I would pick my neighbor and best friend Jimmy. We lived in the same apt building from 1986 to 1993. I have no clue where in this world he is today. - Cedric A."

"I would choose my aunt Isabel who now lives in New York.

She used to live with us here in Texas.

Until I was 11 years old she used to always be there when I got home from school.

I hope I will see her soon. - Marya Logan"

"My old nanny from Kuwait. She and her grown up son worked in our family for 12 years!

Then my mom fired them both...

She was like a second mother to me.

I actually came to this website to find a US people search so I could get in touch with some old friends from school, but after I read a few pages I started thinking of her.

I'll always love you Alya - Josef"

"I want to meet my old Finnish buddy Ville again!"

What about you?

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