Looking for possible siblings from World War II

by Marcella
(New Brunswick, Canada)

I am looking for a Renee Miller. She would be from Europe but not sure what country. She is possibly deceased now or in her 80s. She knew my father when my father was in World War 2. I would like to be in contact with her or any of her children, if they exist.


Hello Marcella! I've heard about people in your situation and while it is very good that you know the woman's name, are there some other things you could share with us also? In what country and city did your father meet her? What is your father's name? Do you know any other details that could be useful? A picture maybe?

I would guess she is from a German speaking country, by the sound of that name. Germany or maybe Austria...

Hopefully her possible kids also go with the same last name as her.

How about getting in touch with a German people finder investigator? If you want me to find one for you, I could ask the private detectives I know for recommendations. Let me know! Tonia

By the way, I have a page on this site where I talk about how to locate someone in Germany, but I don't know if it really applies to you. There is a search engine there too, but I am quite sure there will be so many Renee Millers in that database that it could be a bit tricky to find the one you are looking for by doing a simple search like that. But you could try.

Here is the page: German People Finder Info

Let me know if i can do something to help. Have a nice day, Marcella

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