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Some People Finder Sites for You

Do you feel like it is almost impossible to locate a person who is lost? I hope not, because there are many helpful sites out there. Those that get you addresses and phone numbers. a couple of websites even teaches you how to find someones email, and they often have a software that can do it for you.

A bit lower down this page, below the stories that some readers recently sent me, I've listed some people finder website recommendations.

I had lost contact with a friend of mine, Kingston S. He was in my class and started working in New Jearsey after our graduation. I had not seen him for many years but was planning on having a classmate get together and thought that maybe he would like to come too. I knew where almost all our classmates were except for this guy.

Non of my other friends knew anything about his whereabouts, but we did know that about 9 years ago he used to work as a salesman in NJ even though he lived on Manhattan. I finally found Kingston on the internet, on Facebook. Where else – ha ha. We had a great get together, everyone showed up!

How I found my step dad. By John M.

My step dad Eric had been my dad and friend for over six years when he left. I was 13 years old then. It was Christmas 2012. He moved out of our apartment. After that we lost touch.

But last year I was lucky enough to find his name on the webpage of a University in a city close to us! They were going to hold a food event and we were thinking of going. There were lots of names of people who would present and sell their food and one of the names was my step dad's! I was not totally convinced that it was actually going to be him, but I was hoping.

When we came to the event I went searching for his table first, and yes it was him. We had a good long talk and after this my mom lets him come by once a week to see me.

Admin's comment: I'm so happy for you John! I know from experience that it's important to meet the people we love regularly. All the best to you, your step dad and to your mother.

Some of the best people finder sites to try:

A friend of mine, Alexa Soto, told me she has used the first one on my small list below, to find her aunt, cousin and niece. She said it was no problem to find them there.

So, when looking for any individual, try one of the following place online...

People Finder Sites To Try


Another place where I have a good list of websites is here: People Search Websites

Hopefully you also easily find your relatives, classmates and everyone you are searching for! Hugs!