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Free people finders work kind of like Google, they find stuff that is already online somewhere - and only stuff about individuals.

The free people search engines don't at all work like the sites where you have to pay, because those ones actually have access to lots of open records that are not on the internet for everyone to see.

Court records, marriage and divorce certificates, change of name records, school records and so on.

So that is where they get the information they give you after you having paid the fee.

But it sure is possible to use a totally free people search and be successful in finding a person, but not always problem free.

I know it would be great to find a totally free people finder. These don't grow on trees though.

Unfortunately one really good no cost people finder has recently put a price on their service, but there are still some left, don't worry.

For example the two best free people search engines below! With them you can locate people but also find information about people free.

1. Zaba

2. Peekyou - a free international people finder

If you don't find any good results after using the websites mentioned above, you can make a free "People Finder" classified ad right here on this site!

By the way, yesterday I visited my father's mother and she showed me lots of old pictures of her cousins who moved to Montclaire, New Jersey a long long time ago.

My grandmother visited them in September 1952 and the pictures was from that trip.

She used to write to one of her cousin's children for a long time (Betsy) but now she doesn't anymore. And she does not know where Betsy and her family are living anymore.

I thought that if I can get the name of Betsy's children, then maybe I could find them on Facebook! My father's mother said that the names should be in the letters they have sent each other, so when I have more time I will find the letters in her basement, go through them and look for names.

In the meantime here are some names, so if you know these people, my relatives, then let me know :)

Edit and John Astrom - my grandmother's aunt and uncle.

The children (and cousin to my grandma): John (Jr), Greta and Dorrit.

John married someone named Peggy and they got a son named Dick Astrom.

Greta married to Bob Koerber, who owned a watch store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, also named Koerber. They got a son named the same, Bob Junior. He should be around 60 years by now.

Dorrit married and became Dorrit Barney, had a daughter named Betsy. Betsy has a few children that are now adults. She should be around 65.

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Mr. Collins, private detective, says:

"There is a few sites that offers basic details for free, but the catch is how they charge for a membership for you to gain access to photo's or other things they reveal after a name search".

So that is good to keep in mind. Also, if you ever pay and then get totally useless results, you need to ask for a refund.

And oh, I also heard that one website had a lot of outdated search results in their database. So not all websites are perfect, but some are more professional than others. To read about a good one (that is not free however), see this page.

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