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A public people finder is great for us to have access to. They might cost a little, but most of the time the fees to are very small. People finder investigation agencies sometime use the same ones, but most times they instead use some special programs that only detectives are allowed to purchase.

A person named Cameron told me he recently used a public people search engine to locate some people who had disappeared. Which locator did he pick out of the many available? Let's find out!

"I turned to a people finder website today because I needed to locate my dogs! When my girlfriend moved in, the dogs had to move out since she is allergic. Luckily I found a family with some happy dog-loving kids who wanted to take care of them.

Public People Finder

I visit them every other week, but lately I have been very busy at work and almost two months have gone by and I haven't been to see them.

But I finally made my way over to their house a few days ago. No one seemed to be home though. Same thing the next day and the next.. All I had was their land line number and no one picked up.

That is when I decided the internet could maybe help me out.

I found them on Intelius but there was nothing new about thier contact details, same number and address as before.

BUT – there was a text saying: "possibly associated with Ruth Clarkson". I called her up and she turned out to be a close relative!

She told me that the family has relocated to Glenwood Springs and left just a few weeks ago.

I then talked to them on the phone and they said they had thought about calling me many times but had forgotten..

If I would have known they had moved to CO, I could have used a Colorado people finder to locate them, but I'm not sure there is such a thing. But the public people finder Intelius works well for locating lost friends anywhere.

I'm now traveling there next Saturday! It will be great to see my dogs again. We'll have a good one hour walk together in the hills of Colorado".

Hope you can also use the same site or some other good one, to find the person you miss so much!

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